ATL ( Above The Line Activities ) Çizgi üstü reklam
BTL ( Below The Line Activities ) Çizgi altı reklam

• BTL ( Below The Line Activities ) Çizgi altı

Çizgi üstü reklamların dışında kalan komiyon ödenmeyen doğrudan postalama, sergiler, satış noktaları gibi çeşitli iletişim aracı çizgi altı reklam aracı olarak anılmaktadır. Promosyon, fuar alanı yerleştirmeleri,katalog, bülten, poşet, flyer gibi hizmetler.
• ATL ( Above The Line Activities ) Çizgi üstü
Televizyon ve radyo gibi görsel işitsel medyaya gazete, dergi gibi basılı medyaya atıfta bulunurken, sinema ve açık hava reklamları da reklamcılara çeşitli medya olanakları sunan reklam faaaliyetler.
Çizgi üstü ve altı  arasındaki fark

Televizyon, radyo, gazete, dergi ve outdour gibi yaygın iletişim araçları ile daha geniş kitlelere ulaşan reklamlar çizgi üstünü oluştururken, broşür, etkinlik, mail vb. yöntemlerle daha sınırlı bir kitleye ulaşanlar çizgi altı kategorisinde toplanıyor. Şirketlerin pazarlama iletişimi tekniklerinden birisi olan çizgi altı, sınırlı ama daha doğru bir hedef kitleye ulaşmanızı sağlar.

Quick definitions of ATL and BTL marketing:

ATL Marketing Definition: Above-the-Line Marketing – widespread brand-building advertising
BTL Marketing Definition: Below-the-Line Marketing  – highly targeted direct marketing focused on conversions

Still confused? No problem, we’ll discuss these in more detail below.

First, where do the terms come from and what is the ‘Line’ in marketing?

The terms ATL and BTL were first used in 1954 after Proctor and Gamble began paying advertising firms separately (and at a different rate) from other suppliers who dealt with more direct promotional efforts. In effect, marketing that was more broad in nature was separated from marketing that was more direct in nature.

“That is the ‘Line’ in marketing – it separates direct marketing from higher level brand marketing.”

The term TTL is a relatively recent one, although to be honest I am unsure of exactly when this was first used. In any case the term TTL was coined to explain a more integrated marketing approach, which combines both the widespread and direct approaches, rather than the traditional ATL/BTL separation.

You will see these terms used with the word ‘Advertising’ too, although I’ll mostly be using ‘Marketing’ below. However, the content will apply as well to ‘Advertising’ as it does to ‘Marketing’.

More detailed definitions of ATL and BTL marketing

Here is a description of the terms mentioned above – we’ll then go on to look at a few examples a bit further down this post.

ATL Marketing Definition

‘ATL Marketing’ stands for ‘Above The Line Marketing‘. This kind of marketing is the kind of marketing that has a very broad reach and is largely untargeted. Think about a national TV campaign, where viewers across the nation see the same advert aired across the various networks.

This kind of marketing is mostly used for building brand awareness and goodwill.

BTL Marketing Definition

‘BTL Marketing’ stands for ‘Below The Line Marketing‘. This kind of marketing is the kind of marketing that targets specific groups of people with focus. For example, a leaflet drop in a specific area, a Google Adwords campaign targeting a certain group or a direct telemarketing campaign targeting specific businesses.

This kind of marketing is best for conversions and direct response.

Examples of ATL and BTL marketing activity

An Example Of Above The Line Marketing Activity

An example of Above The Line marketing would be a television campaign run by a cereal company. The ad would be aired across the nation, with every viewer seeing the exact same message. As mentioned above, this kind of marketing would be used to build general brand and awareness of the business and/or it’s products over the long term as well as goodwill.

(There would be no offers or incentives involved here).

An Example Of Below The Line Marketing Activity

The same cereal company could also run a direct marketing campaign in a large city, targeting commuters on the way to work. They might offer free cereal samples along with vouchers that could be used in a local store. This would be a strategy designed to target a specific group of people and to try and encourage quick purchases, or conversions.

A similar example of this that you might have seen before is the Red Bull Mini (shown below).

A few visual examples

Here are a few adverts that might help explain this in more detail:

As you can see, this advert is geared toward raising brand awareness and would likely have a vast reach. There is no direct response element here, so it can’t be considered BTL or TTL.
The Red Bull Mini is a great example of a BTL marketing campaign – free samples are given face-to-face to people in local towns and cities.

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